Testimony of Sarath & Santhi

Praise The Lord, We would like to share our testimony about election results in India. We are from Andhra pradesh(province in india) and the current Chief Minister who has been ruling for the past five years in our province is a Christian who belongs to a political party called CONGRESS, his family members are also called by God.And they are doing God’s service strongly and are also helping Pastors and their families financially.

Last month it was the time for elections again for next five years.There are many regional political parties gathered together as a group who opposes Christians and God’s Service, this group is named “MAHA KOOTAMI” and contested in the elections against CONGRESS party. During the election campaign, they persecuted Christians and destroyed churches. So all the Christians in Andhra pradesh including our family were praying about congress party to rule again.
Because if the other Party comes into ruling, they may not allow open Christian meetings and prayers. yesterday was the announcement of election results, God heard all our prayers and gave victory to CONGRESS party again.So all Christians in Andhra pradesh are very happy.

“We are confident that he hears us whenever we ask for anything that pleases him” 1 John 5:14

As i said above ,the opposition political group is an alliance of many parties and  most of the senior political leaders in our country stated that congress party will not come into ruling again as it was competing solely against them.But our Almighty God stood by the side of congress party and gave tremendous victory.God not only gave victory in the state but also gave victory to congress party through out the country.

As the Bible says: “The Lord is close to all who call on him, Yes, To all who call on him in truth” Psalm 145:18


Sarath & Santhi